2014. október 14., kedd

body mapping című táncterápiás műhely angol leírása

ez a májusi műhely leírása, amit a Pszichológia Társaság Naggyűlésén tartottunk..
csak mert megtaláltuk : ) közreadjuk

The workshop provides insight to somatic based expressive  therapy (IKT), that is a primarily movement focused group therapy approach, which may incorporate other modalities, such as drama, dance, painting, and music. Clients are encouraged to explore their responses, reactions, and insights via pictures, sounds, explorations, and encounters with art processes. Artistic abilities are not required in order to benefit from expressive arts therapy. It rather works through the use of senses and through imaginative processes. Additionally, the relationship between the clients, the therapist, the process are also essential.

Through expressive therapies we may contact the implicit memory, where emotional and affective-sometimes traumatic-presymbolic and preverbal experiences of the primary mother- infant relations are stored.

In the workshop first a special technique we will be introduced, called body mapping. Body Mapping is a creative therapeutic tool that combines bodily experiences and visual artistic  expression. It involves painting a life-size image of one’s body onto a large surface using colors, pictures, symbols and words to draft an inner map of experiences lived through the body.

Later, we will provide room for sharing, discussing the experiences and to reflect on them. Finally, an exhibition will be assembled out of the all the pictures, and together we will examine the effects and emotions the images may evoke and the memories they may recall.


implicit memory, expressive art therapy, preverbal self memory, attunement, body mapping

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